[Question] Rebuilding a 3DS ROM

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    For about a year, I've been using a fork of 3DS Builder to build 3DS ROMs. However, there's some problems, like a mismatch between the program IDs of the exheader and ncch header that results in tools thinking the built ROM is encrypted (when it's not, happens in both citra and decrypt9), and the inability to directly convert to CIA.

    Does anyone have any ideas to try as alternatives? I've looked at makerom, but I'm not sure about the exact usage, and it looks like an RSF file is needed, so I'd also need a way to generate an RSF file from an existing decrypted ROM.

    Because I'm developing automated tools (like Sky Editor and its redistributable patcher), command line tools, or at the very least open-source tools, are preferable.

    [Edit] I didn't realize until now that 3DS Builder actually did zero-key encrypt its ROMs. I found that 3dstool can build ROMs without encryption (useful for Citra and even the Sky 3DS), but I can't get it to properly zero-key encrypt for Gateway. I'd still like an alternative for 3DS Builder to allow editing the extra partitions, like the manual.
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