[Question] Can I run Nintendont without HBC - from game exploit?

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  1. AlexHasAWii

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    Sep 27, 2015
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    Hello, everyone. I am currently trying to get Nintendont working on my vWii via SmashStack, and not from HBC. The problem is, SmashStack runs a boot.elf, not a boot.dol I have intentions of selling my WiiU with an untouched NAND when a newer system comes out for us to try to hack.

    Does anyone know of a homebrew launcher like (or not, just needs to run .elf and .dol executables) Wii Homebrew Launcher, that either is built for the WiiU, or supports the WiiU and the Wii Motion Plus built-in remotes (In other words, is built with an up-to-date libogc version)? If I can get a good building environment working, I can attempt to rebuild a loader to avoid buying a <2011 Wiimote. If I happen to be able to do so, I will gladly upload a rebuilt version of my favorite Homebrew Loader - Wii Homebrew Loader, as you may have guessed.


    I have tried:

    1.) Using doltool.exe to convert the .dol to a .elf using "doltool.exe -e boot.dol"

    2.) Using Wii Homebrew launchers (a list here), which (most) booted - but there was no controller support for my Wiimotes, which... Well, it rendered them useless.

    3.) Using the ELF file from here, the Nintendont Google Code project. This generates an error.

    4.) I have tried building Nintendont with DevkitPro, but there is an error I simply cannot get around.


    I have been dying to play my (CleanRipped right before I sold my Wii for the WiiU) Gamecube backups on the big screen, and any help at all - any insight while I figure this out - will be greatly appreciated.


  2. FIX94

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    you need AHBPROT disabled which requires some sort of IOS exploit or disabling it via a title such as the homebrew channel so really just launching it without having the hombrew channel installed wont work.
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  3. AlexHasAWii

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    Sep 27, 2015
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    Aww man... I was hoping it was like Riivolution, with support for unhacked WiiUs. Thanks anyway, FIX. Might as well buy myself an RVL-001 for Christmas
  4. pedro702

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    Mar 3, 2014
    Oe just get homebrew channel on your wiiu since you happen to have smash anyway, if you 2 year warranty has passed theres nothing to fear really since you wont get your console fixed by nintendo anyway.
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    Nov 21, 2014
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    Just buy the GC adaptor for your WiiU. This will take care of both of these issues for you, and the RVL-001 is about the same or a little more than the adapter on eBay.
  6. kardus

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    Jan 17, 2015
    Just a reminder, unfortunately the GC adaptor will only work with nintendont, you won't be able to use it with wii-compatible games or other homebrew that doesn't support HID devices (I guess until more development has happened on the WiiU side).