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    Nov 28, 2012
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    Hello all. I have researched this and have found no real answer to my question, so here goes here. I have a Wii that is a GC2-D2C v1 serial, but the drive was replaced by Nintendo about 8 months ago, so I know my drive is newer. What I'm getting at is I'm trying to run a DVD of GBA roms from dvd for VBAGX. Tells me the "dvd format is not recognized". Is this something about the age of the drive? I hope this isn't the wrong forum for this. Also, if it is my drive, two questions. First, what drive could I purchase and replace the current drive with to have a drive able to run burnt dvds and second, could I make my Wii play burnt dvds as it is now with a solderless modchip, if so which one? I appreciate any response and look forward to replies. Also, when burning the dvd, I am making it the ISO9660. Also is there any way to identify a drive by looking at it?
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    You'd have to pop open your Wii and see the number on the drive chip. When I sent my wii in to get repaired, it came back with a whole new drive model and everything.
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    If your drive was replaced eight months ago, then it is likely too new to play burned DVDs. I recommend you play your games off your SD or USB instead.