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    Mar 7, 2021
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    Hey, so I know not many will even know what I'm talking about here, but im going to post it anyway...

    I've been getting into modding my Pokemon Alpha Sapphire rom and have had good success in changing textures of pokemon and their models. I just ran into an issue when trying to model swap the main character. I wanted to play as one of the team magma characters so I swapped the number it was in the a0-2-1 folder for the numbers of the Brendan model (172/315).

    However, since this specific character I swapped with never had a run animation, I was only able to play with it using the walk/idle animations...

    So, I am just wondering if anyone knows a way to add a run animation to these models in the game that never had one? It just kind of bugs me that I was able to swap it but when I am running (90% of the time in this game) the model is basically in a T-pose sliding across the ground lol.
    Help is greatly appreciated, hopefully there is some way to fix this :/
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