Hacking [QUESTION] About emuNAND system transfer.

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So, I am pretty sure I already know the answer, NO. But I am wondering if I could do a system transfer on an emuNAND/sysNAND on a specific firmware, onto a system with a different firmware, and have the firmware from the first nand. Again, I think the answer is no but I will ask the experts.


System transfer doesn't transfer the firmware between two 3DSes if that's what you're asking.


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Jan 8, 2009
If both are the latest (currently 10.3.0-28)

1) Backup emuNAND A
2) System Transfer emuNAND A to NAND B
3) Restore emuNAND A

is available.

Exploitable N3DS doesn't have latest emuNAND access so this is O3DS only.

If you want to ST from a non-latest emuNAND, then the target should be in the same version area (for example, source 9.2.0-20 can only ST to target 9.0-9.5) , and you need to find a tutorial for spoofing old version's ST.
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