Hacking Question about 3ds system version


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Jan 29, 2015
hi good day.. im new here and also in the world of 3ds..

i have a regular 3ds console with a version of 2.2.0-4E and using R4 SDHC 3ds DSI www.r4sdhc.com.cn dual-core smart update color white, with 4gb micro DS to play download NDS game ..(i don't know what kind of R4 is this so i just type all info on my R4)
i tried to connect to our internet but with won't let me it just says that i need to update my system b4 i can use the net.

my question is that can i update my version to latest and still be able to use my current r4 to play downlaod NDS games..

in the future i plan to buy a R4 or gateaway3ds or sky3ds for me to manage to play 3ds download games.
so my question is that if ever i update my 3ds console will my r4 will break to?

cause the person to whom i bought my r4 said to me that i must not update my version or else my r4 will not work anymore..

and if i buy a Omega ruby pokemon (Orig. cartrage) can i still play it using a 2.2.0-4E version of mine?

tanks for the reply and im very sorry im new and noob about 3ds so just please answer in simple way so that i could understand
thanks in advance
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