Puzzle Quest rom hacking question

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  1. thraden

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    So, you can easily mod the PC version of both PQ games. My question is, can it be done on the DS? I managed to unpack the rom, the LUA files are all there, but seem to be encoded in a weird way. Does anyone have a solution?
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    Despite liking the game I have yet to play with it.
    Unpacked the rom (1064- EU version)
    xml files have a few flags/wildcard/special type characters but nothing special.
    lua. I am not well versed in it but what I see appears to be similar to java bytecode/later VB in concept which is not how I understand lua generally is. Crystaltile2 flags some of the luac files as LZ compressed but fails to do anything with them.

    I guess we now have to ask what do you want to do, most of the text and spell effects and general gameplay functions are in the xml files (I edited one within the DS rom and it came out fine in desmume). Images are not standard DS/hardware style formats but some work with Font.xml and Assets.xml and a memory viewer (alas desmume is not quite there in terms of inbuilt hacking tools) should be enough to drag that out.

    There is also some stuff located within the ARM9 (plain ASCII).
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    sounds a little complex to understand for a mid-minded person and thus far as i can understand you nicely figured out [​IMG]
    but that symple system using lua [​IMG] kinda amazes me for a simple game like puzzle quest
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    Jul 6, 2007
    Are you saying the LUAs are easily replaceable? Or do they differ from the LUAs from the PC version?

    There are a couple of great hacks on the Infinite Interactive forum that fix mining difficulty (random difficulty, easy, or just more likely to complete) and a hack for the jump gate hacking game that stops the timer ticking down while gems are in motion to prevent punishing long chains.

    Both of these are great and just edits of B006.lua and b002.lua in Assests\scripts\battlegrounds\

    It'd be neat to be able to replace the DS ones with these edited PC ones.
  5. theli

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    Oct 20, 2006
    those are indeed precompiled lua files
    if they weren't game would lag even more [​IMG]
  6. IBNobody

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    The LUA files are precompiled. Replacing them with uncompiled PC versions crashes the game.

    I've decided to just play this on my PC.