PSX slowdown issue: Castlevania Chronicles

Discussion in 'PSP - Hacking & Homebrew' started by Hellhammer, Mar 19, 2013.

  1. Hellhammer

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    Mar 19, 2013
    Greetings all! This is my first post here and I’m very new to this scene – I have found this forum to be very helpful though.

    Okay, so my problem is this: I am running PRO-C2 and LME 1.8 (dual boot) on a PSP 2003 with 2x16gb Micro SDHCs in a fake (since the “proper” ones are near impossible to come by) Photofast CR-5400 adaptor.

    I have everything running smoothly – apart from the obvious lag in XMB caused by the class 4 Micro SD cards I’m using – my UMD backups run perfectly and without a glitch, emulators work great and PSX backups are also working flawlessly – except for one:
    Castlevania Chronicles.

    I’ve looked all over the interwebs to try and find a solution but I can’t seem to. This is the one and only game which I’m having some annoying slowdown on and it is certainly not the most graphically or sound intensive (the other PSX backups which I have running FLAWLESSLY on my console are Tekken 3, Crash Bandicoot and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night). The music has erratic slowdowns all over the place and I also watched the in-game timer - it seems to count down about 1/10 of a second slow.

    Now I need to mention that I’ve run all of the aforementioned backups on my pc and laptop as well and did have similar issues with Chronicles in PCSX (the others ran perfectly though), although after switching to ePSXe, the problem went away and the game ran pretty much perfectly. Trouble with the PSP is that one doesn’t have access to settings to tinker with like one does on a pc emulator.
    Any ideas?? I’ve looked into using POPSloader but I’m not sure if it would solve my problem. The game runs, just not perfectly. I am a huge Castlevania fanboy though so it bugs the hell out of me :)

    EDIT: As it turns out, I thought I'd try POPSloader anyway and guess what? Problem solved! The game runs perfectly on POPS 3.71 and 3.72, it just sucks that there is no option to fit the window to the screen as 4:3 (full screen sucks because it stretches the image horizontally). Anyhoo...
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