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    I need advice on how to get this to work. I jammed one of those tiny wrench things (I totally forget what they're called) between the button and the hinge of the disc tray, and that part worked fine. I just can't master the timing. I'm using a legit Cool Boarders 4 disc (don't care for the game, so I don't care if it gets scratched) and a burnt disc of Wild Arms. First I put in the legit disc, and at the PlayStation logo it'd slow down, I'd then put in the Wild Arms disc. As the PlayStation logo vanished it'd slow down, and I inserted the Cool Boarders 4 disc again. On the attempts when I did these parts with proper timing, I saw the Media Vision (studio that made Wild Arms) logo show up. However, I can't find the right timing to put the burnt disc back. The disc would seem to slow down, but no matter how I timed it, the PSX would just hang at a black screen after the Media Vision logo disappeared. Can anyone describe to me the correct timing to put the burnt disc back in the console?
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    1: Stick the PSX game in the CD tray then before it loads go into your "Browser" and you should see a memory card and a Black disc icon.

    2: Take out your PSX disc with out turning off your system then place in your burnt disc and hit the X button to load the game.

    Hope that helps the timing shouldn't matter as long as you do this method correctly also note I have a slim ps2 so this is much easyer to do it on.
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    I was actually asking how to do this on a PlayStation One. I do have a phat PS2 though, is it possible to use your method on it? If so, how do I swap the discs fast enough, since the PS2 uses a proper ejecting disc tray?
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    i don't think you have to put the offical disc in twice, you just needed to put the offical disc in up until it slows down and then pop in the burned game. iirc only the first generation of psx could do this. mine and many of my friend's consoles could not.
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    Only the PSX and Slimline PS2 can do this (it's the only reason I bought the Slim PS2).
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    First, be aware that it works only with first batch PSX (like, SCPH1000/1001/1002).
    Even if you have an SCPH1002, there's a possibility that it's an already patched console. (Sony patched that issue without changing the console version number). I don't know about USA SCPH1001 models, maybe Sony did the same fix without changing the version number.

    There are 2 types of swaps :

    Type 1 : Easy 1
    - Switch on the Console
    - Go to CD Audio player
    - Insert an Original PS1 game disc (the more the number of track the better it is. TOC is important here).
    - block the sensor with something (I personally use scotch tape I push into the sensor, it works great and better than a pen cap because when it's done, you can close the lid)
    - When the game disc stop spinning, swap the disc, close the lid, and exit the CD Audio Player. The game will boot.

    Type 1 : Easy 2
    - Block the lid sensor with a tape.
    - Put an original game disc
    - Power on the console
    - When the spinning disc goes slower (at the PS Logo), swap the disc.

    - Really easy methods, no timing needed at all with easy1 method.
    - You need a big TOC (Table Of Content) game, or games bigger than the original one won't work fully.
    ex: if you use a demo disc to play Tomb Raider, you won't have any music in game as it uses CDA tracks which weren't mapped on the demo disc.
    - Can't swap the disc in game if you need to change disc number or relaunch the game if it stops reading. (Note by Cyan : Need to be confirmed, I don't remember because I don't use that method at all) (I think it's because it reads the original DiscID and wait for discID of the played game, not the demo one).

    Type 2 : harder
    - Put an original game disc (any disc, any TOC size).
    - Block the lid sensor with the scotch tape.
    - Touch gently the optic block with your fingers around the game disc, ready to remove it.
    - Pay attention to the sound the optic block will do.
    - Power on the console : You will hear the optic bloc starting moving, then doing "tic tic tic", then on your TV you will heard the bios boot sound and see first logo appearing on screen.
    While the optic bloc is doing the Tictictic, you can feel with your finger still on the bloc that it's gently taping, it's another way to determine the timing. (it's less than 1 second after powering the console).
    You have to swap the disc between the first moving bloc and the "tictictic" sound/sensing.

    The "tictictic" thing correspond to the TOC reading, so it will read the TOC from the swapped disc and not the original one.

    PS : Sometime the disc may stop before the game launch. Just wait few second or go to the CD Audio player and exit, it will boot automatically.

    - Reads ANY games, whatever the TOC size.
    - Can swap multi disc game with no save prompt (Parasite eve, Chrono Cross, Valkyrie Profile, etc.) when asked to insert disc 2 [​IMG]
    - Can relaunch the disc when the console stop spinning it in game : Remove the tape, put an original back, put the tape back and swap the disc again before the tictictic feeling/sound. If the disc stops or the game doesn't resume, do it again.
    - None. You just need a little practice. It's not really hard.
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    The swap trick also works on a V9 ps2, but not on earlier models and i can't say anything about later models or slims. If you have a V9 and Free McBoot, it's easy and secure:
    Insert ps1 disc
    Let the browser identify the disc
    Start uLaunchELF
    Let uLaunchELF stop the motor
    Swap the discs(not eject and insert the other one...)
    Select boot disc in uLaunchELF

    Note that this also requires a high TOC game.
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    Don't use the swap trick. Just get a chip.
    If you want to do the swap trick check out youtube.
    if you break one of the tabs from the hub spindle it will make the disc unbalance
    making the audio or video skip
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    TC, your method and timing is correct. I don't know why it hangs, but it happens with a lot of games I've tried. How I got around this was that I downloaded a boot disc somewhere (Just search google, as it's pretty easy to find) and burned it. Of course, since it's a burned disc, it won't just boot right off the bat. You'll need to perform the disc swap method and insert the boot disc instead of your burned game. After you perform the disc swap method and get the boot disc to load, just replace the boot disc with a burned game and do whatever the screen tells you to and it'll boot your game without problems.

    EDIT: Rereading your post again, I just realized you messed up on a few parts of your method. When you boot with the Cool Boarders disc in the system, you're supposed to swap it with the Wild ARMs disc when the disc speeds up. If done correctly, the PS logo shows up. After awhile, the Wild ARMs disc will slow down for a bit and speed back up again. When the disc slows down a second time, swap it with the Cool Boarders disc. When it speeds back up again, swap it with your Wild ARMs disc.

    If it still hangs after this, try it with the boot disc method I mentioned in the original post.