PSPgo love or hate poll

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  1. Yes! Give me two of them!

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  2. It's a 'no go' for me.

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  1. Snailface

    Snailface My frothing demand for 3ds homebrew is increasing

    Sep 20, 2010
    Engine Room with Cyan, watching him learn.
    Since the recent news of the PSPgo ceasing production/shipping has been reported, the Temp has been ablaze with heated discussion on the controversial PSP variant. My personal belief is that if people gave it a chance they would realize what a neat little system it is. Maybe this poll will unearth a few of the Go's quiet supporters like myself, or maybe it'll bring more flames to the poor little thing. Speak up and vote dear Tempers and let's find out!
  2. TheDarkSeed

    TheDarkSeed I'm a pretentious sack of shit

    May 11, 2009
    United States
    well Yeah I'd want one. I just have no intention of buying such a thing at retail price.
  3. Invisible Man

    Invisible Man Member

    Oct 31, 2010
    United States
    I own a total of 5 PSP's spanning from the PSP-1000 to the PSPgo and would have to say the PSPgo would be my favourite of them all.

    Whilst I would agree that it isn't everyone's cup of tea it is quite a nice improvement on previous models. Before owning a PSPgo I was just like most of the others who are against it and the system since I didn't really see the point in it.

    But after actually owning it for a while I have grown quite attached to it with it's smaller size (now I can put it in my pocket) and other functionality (bluetooth, 16GB internal storage, pause game feature, full-screen clock/calendar) is a great addition.

    I think the main problem people see with it is the lack of UMD support. For new PSP owners this doesn't really seem like an issue to me though and in-fact downloads do have their advantages over UMD offerings:
    - The games can be played on 5 PSP's simultaneously, PS1/mini purchases even work on the PS3.
    - No need to carry around any additional physical media to play the games.
    - Many new PSP games come with digital user manuals so you can read up about the game on the PSP itself.
    - The games have a good possibility of being playable on the NGP without a need to re-purchase.

    Sony didn't take the necessary steps to support the PSPgo however such as offering a UMD for download redemption program, competitive pricing and variety in available content. Though they are catching up in some respects to the last 2 problems which is great to see.
  4. GameWinner

    GameWinner Take your heart

    Jun 14, 2009
    United States
    If someone gave me one then yeah I'd take it but I won't pay $250 for a smaller PSP though.
  5. Jugarina

    Jugarina GBAtemp Fan

    Mar 17, 2011
    United States
    The poll is strange as most people are gonna take It as a giveaway or something and of course people are gonna say give me two when they don't have one of can't afford one.

    Should be would you buy one for 200 bucks and like It.
  6. Arwen20

    Arwen20 GBAtemp Fan

    Aug 17, 2009
    United States
    I enjoy my pocket sized psp. It's like sony's version of the gba micro.
  7. altorn

    altorn GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    Jul 15, 2007
    Toronto, Ontario
    I got my PSP Go like a week ago and it was very hard to find a brand new one.
    Anyway, yes i like my PSP Go. I used to have a PSP2000, first one i bought in 2008, gave it to my gf in my home country and I didnt have a PSP when MANY good games were released! [​IMG]

    So i upped and bought myself a PSP Go. I like the bluetooth, no more wired headphones bitch. No UMD shit, i only had 2 UMDs anyway, most other games were ISOs. lol
    I also like the sliding, and the size. it's great. I just have to get used to the analog position. And i wanted to play Invizimals but i can't find a Cable Converter/Adapter ANYWHERE even in play-asia so it's a bummer.

    It's easily hackable now too! I say it's worth it. even if the NGP will be coming soon, i'd still buy another PSP Go if i was given another chance to.
  8. JinTrigger

    JinTrigger Asentrix Studios

    Jun 25, 2008
    United States
    Ive always loved the PSPgo's design and wanted one since its announcement way back when. I will admit that I knew it would fail when I heard about it not being able to use UMDs and such, so I told myself I'd get one if I could buy a used one at a decent price and I could hack it like my 3000 (the PSP I had back then).

    Now that my 2000s screen has broke I found this a prefect opportunity to get one. I bought a "broken" one on ebay for a pretty good price and imma see if I can fix it and make it work (all the seller said was that it wouldn't turn on). If I can't fix imma resell it and just get a used one at GameStop ($100) and hack it and keep my PSP 2000 (since I did a lot of casing mods to it and since I cant use my Memory Stick Pro in the PSPgo)

    I think I'll enjoy my Go as far as I can do anything on it that I could on my 2000 which to my knowledge is possible (all I want to do is run my emulators, cave story, ps1 eboots, and of course my iso/cso)....I think Sony should have sold it side-by-side with the 3000
  9. Satangel

    Satangel BEAST

    Nov 27, 2006
    Bruges, Belgium
    Don't like the looks and the feel of it. I just couldn't see myself playing this for long sessions.
  10. rockstar99

    rockstar99 Hi

    Dec 3, 2008
    Dont have one but know by far its the PSP Model i would love the most, having played my friend's I would love one over my 3k
  11. tagzard

    tagzard Tagzard the Crazy Dinosaur with Wings.

    Apr 28, 2010
    United States
    Chicago Illinois
    the psp go is a waste all it is is a psp with a slide out keyboard
  12. Guild McCommunist

    Guild McCommunist (not on boat)

    May 6, 2009
    United States
    The Danger Zone
    That is possibly one of the most uneducated statements I've read in a while.

    The Go is a great device if you pirate most of your games. A legit system for it I can't see being unfathomably bad (I don't see the PSN Store's selection as terrible by any means and the pricing isn't that bad), but there's really no reason to take a legit Go over a legit 1000, 2000, or 3000.

    I'll probably get one since I've seen used ones for around the same prices as used 3000's and the like and it's basically, from a pirate's perspective, a PSP with a sweet 16GB of internal storage space built in. Plus memory stick micros I see sell cheaper than normal memory sticks, so I can easily get a PSP Go with a total of 32GB of memory for like $130-$140. Which is what I'm thinking of doing.
  13. kenshin-dragon

    kenshin-dragon Member

    Apr 19, 2009
    bah... the PSP Go was terrible unless it was hacked to play pirated games, you could pick one up for $5 in china, to me the PSP Go was the PSP Go in the bin
  14. xist


    Jul 14, 2008
    Why is there no indifferent option? It was a pointless console given the time when it launched, the pricing and the support, but i don't hate the thing. It's just a redundant cash cow.
  15. gamefreak94

    gamefreak94 GBAtemps (Un)Official Illogical Poster

    Jun 1, 2009
    United States
    At your window!
    WTF! Only $5?
    Sell me one!
    Seriously though ._.
  16. Schlupi

    Schlupi Gbatemp's Official Earthbound Maniac™

    Aug 31, 2007
    United States
    Rozen Queen Co, Chicago Branch
    Useful if you hack and play ISOs. Which I do. And it is a GREAT device if that's what you want.

    EVEN if you're a legit player, and buy all your games via UMD to support sales, you can just download the game as well.

    I mean it is stupid to buy AND download the game, but considering you wanna support sales AND play on your shiny new present (you didn't know your dad was getting you one! lol) with the game not released on PSN, it's a viable option for those people.

    OOOOOOR if you're an idiot who doesn't wanna play Birth By Sleep. [​IMG]