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    Jan 27, 2020
    United Kingdom
    Hello all

    Working on a little, well, big project here. I have issues using PSP consoles as i have large hands and the controls are too small for me but I love one of the games for the system so i want to create a PSP console of sorts...

    TV output
    Hardwired PlayStation controller
    Maybe a custom case for the mainboard so it doesn't look like crap?

    I have a pair of 3003 series PSP's one which is in fantastic shape with a new screen.

    The second 3003 series is black and this one is rough! It's got loads of missing screws, dead pixels across the center of the screen. The left speaker comes and goes, the memory card slot cover is gone and the wifi doesn't work and it has no battery.

    So obviously the second PSP is a pretty good candidate for my plans as it's in pretty rough. I want to some how hard wire a PlayStation controller (Dual Shock 2 perhaps?) to the controls or maybe use a Dual Shock 3 via the USB port if this is possible??

    I've already removed the screen and begun stripping it down but I'm going to need some advice on this regarding wiring the controller up. Has anyone done this before? The TV output is easy as the PSP 3003 does that anyway so it's mainly the controller hook up i need help with for now.

    Can anyone give me some advice?
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