PS4 Slim Controlers Do not connect.

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    Mar 21, 2016
    United States
    PS4 Slim Model CUH-2015A Manufactured June 2016
    Motherboard: SAD-001
    Wifi/BT: A8474A2B2FE3 Model J20H091 Rev 1

    I recieved from a peer a ps4 that has no connectivity with any of his or my controllers. This is the first time getting my hands on a slim model and have some trouble in locating the
    nor C0020001.bin dump to compare the nor flash dump thats in the process of being made. With a teensy++ set up and SPIWay im using to make the dumps.

    Side Note: theres a colection of dumps for SAA, SAB, and SAC motherboards on 3.XX, 4.00, 4.01, and ,4.05 if anyone needs a hand in getting them.

    Edit 1:
    Thanks to Andrew Paul through youtube, he updated his collection to include SAD and firmware 5.X
    This is his youtube channel

    This is an easy to update link proveded on his channel.
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