PS4 Internet connection Problems?

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    Hey guys, so I recently noticed whenever I turn on my ps4 (right when I put it on), all my other devices internet become completely slow. This never was an issue with the ps3, it was perfect. SO I called Sony and apparently the ps4 takes 75% of the bandwidth but ps3 took 60% which isnt a HUGE difference. So the guys asked my download speed and upload speed, so I told him, 6 mbps for download and 5.0 kbps(not MBPS). He said download speed is fine but upload is too slow which will cause problems. Do you guys think that if I connect my ps4 with an Ethernet cable, the problem will go away?

    Sorry for the long note.
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    Are you sure the upload speed is 5 kbps? That's very low for an Internet plan.

    I'm on 6 mbps download and 768 kbps upload.

    Use Ethernet cable whenever possible for gaming console.