1. DragonBoy

    OP DragonBoy Advanced Member

    Sep 30, 2003
    Hello people,
    I was given a non working PS4 as a gift from a friend. The story is that the PS4 was working fine until someone decided to unplug the hdmi cable (whilst the PS4 was on) and connect another HDMI cable in its place (from a satelite receiver... passthrough or something like that...). Anyway, the PS4 turned itself OFF. Now if the PS4 is pluged into the power socket and the power button is pressed, it makes a *beep* sound, the fan spins for half a second and then stops. Afterwards it refuses to make a beep sound again, unless it is pluged off for 10 minutes. Again after trying the same thing happens... Any tips as to what it might be the problem?

    Thanks :)
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