ps3 drive taking discs randomly

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    Jun 10, 2009
    hi guys,

    having a bit of a problem with my blu ray drive not major but a pain lol.when i insert a disc into the drive it will go in half way and i have to push it a little bit (not much)for it to take the disc.plays fine and ejects ok.does not do it all the time but a lot.was just wondering anyone have an idea as to what it is and is it safe to keep pushing the disc a litte bit?sometimes when i turn it on i can hear the cogs spinning with no disc in it,this can also happen when i press eject with no disc in it.

    #update# just found out that when i hold down the eject button for 12 seconds (blu ray reset)the drive will take a disc no problem at all.problem is when i eject the disc drive will not accept disc unless i force it slighty or do the blu ray reset.not sure now if the sensor is faulty or gears misaligned slighty.any ideas?