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    Sep 12, 2008
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    So, my uncle got me started on the old swap magic deal on the ps2, but now that my laser has crapped out, that is pretty much no longer an option... Anyways, I was looking at the memor32 with memento, and it says it can load games from HDD or USB-HDD. Now, my uncle is using the HDLoader/network adapter trick, but that also requires you to load an original ps1 game (at least for him it does). So I was wondering if you could use ImgBurn to get the ISO of the burned game and move it to a USB-HDD, or do you have to use the original disk (because I have a ton of burned games, and I would much rather do all the work at my house than go all the way to my uncle's house to get the ISO's). I would appreciate any info on this ordeal...
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    Stay away from the USB HDD option. It lags when the game enters an FMV or sorts.

    IIRC you could mount the ISO on to a virtual drive and have a program rip it into the HDD via PC OS.
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    programs will just transfer the ISO to the ps2 hard drive that is hooked up to it but it only works for HD Loader
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