PS1 save copying on PS3

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    I play PS1 games on my PS2 and on my PSP.

    When I want to continue my game on either system, I copy the save from the other system using the following method:
    PSP save > copy to PS3 > copy from PS3 to PS1 memory card (using a PS1/2 memory card reader for the PS3)

    But when I tried to copy a save from the PS1 memory card to my PS3, and then from the PS3 to the PSP, I get the following message:

    The save data on the PSP needs to be converted in order to recognize it on a 3.30 system or higher.

    This is because the save data on the PSP is created using popstation 3.11.
    I need to use 3.11 because it's the only way to play Parasite Eve 2.

    Is there any way around this?
    My actual PSP firmware is 5.50 GEN D3.

    Thanks for the info!