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    I have been playing around with the PSVIMG tools and i think there is a lot of potential here.

    I noticed nobody was looking at PS1 games - just PSP stuff and creating ePSP exploits.


    So i have managed to make the PS1 Eboot boot (YAY!) straight to error E-ffffffff.

    Steps done - followed the guide for installing ark Pboot But with a differnce.....

    1. Got My PSX game - ripped to Eboot using PSX2PSP
    2. Opened the EBOOT with HxD and changed the gameid to my "base" PS1 game.
    3. Renamed the EBOOT to PBOOT
    4. Encrypted with the tools and then transfered over to VITA using QCMA

    - So Name has changed to hotshotsgolf2 and no picture (i may have just been clicking next way too much during the rip) and it boots up, shows warnings and about 3 seconds later error screen.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to progress this?

    For info my VITA is on FW3.60 and i tried the flows old loader but im guessing the kexploit used is now patched so that was a dead end, hence im trying this......


    Name now changed on homescreen correctly - still getting error on boot, but intrestingly i am also getting an error on transfering - right at the very last stage with 0 seconds left it throws up C2-11802-2 which i am trying to figure out.

    Oddly - the bubble and files are still on the VITA
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    Did you try dumping your basegame's base headers and resigning the ripped EBOOT? The old PS1 rebirth bubble method needed this step to be able to run any EBOOT at all, otherwise it will just trigger that error e-ffffffff you were talking about, so this should be a vital step to take into consideration.

    But if fakesigning fails to work, then there's pretty much nothing else you can try without developing a proper exploit, like TheFloW's PSOne Loader, for instance (Which works from 3.00-3.52 only). I think this will more-than-likely be the case though, in my opinion.
  3. mummysboy

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    May 21, 2009
    I have tried using the flows old signer with base headers.

    Swapping the newly signed eboot with my bought Psn eboot.

    When it's the main eboot it won't transfer at all. When it's the PBOOT it does transfer.

    I think it's something that's wrong with the signing. I know my dumps are good as I can boot them on my PSP and they work lovely.

    I think I need to find out how the keys.bin that's used on the PSP can be used on the Vita...