1. KazoWAR

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    Aug 12, 2008
    United States
    I am having issues signing into my NNID on my 9.2 emunand(made from my 9.2 sysnand before downgrading).

    So when i was setting this all up, i made an emunand of my 9.2 sysnand, then i downgraded to 4.2, reformatted to unlink them, made a 4.2 emunand and reformatted again, so that the 2 emunands and the sysnand were all unlinked. everything worked perfectly and NNID still worked on the 9.2 emunand. Have backups of 9.2 sysnand, 9.2 emunand, 4.2 sysnand, and 4.2 emunand. Fast forward a bit, and I wanted to try out some legit CIAs. I installed them all on to my 4.X CFW emunand, fixed it to be bootable by gateway/mtcard/rxtools and updated it to the latest FW. Games worked great. So now I wanted to update them. so I made a NNID, went on to the eshop and updated them, everything went perfect. now fast foward some more. I went back to my 9.2 emunand and i try to update some games. I was going to use the trick to update games on an older emunand where you make a backup of the emunand, update it, download the game and then restore the emunand backup. the updates will still work if you have the tickets for the older update. but after i updated and tried to go onto the eshop, it failed to login to NNID. I tried to restore my orginal 9.2 emunand backup i made when i first set this all up and it still fails to login to NNID. So i thought maybe i somehow unlinked my 9.2 NNID fomr my system when i made a new one on the other emunand. so restored a 4.2 emunand, updated it and tried to setup NNID with an existing NNID but when i try to link it, it goes as far as asking which mii i want to use, systems or the mii previously link to my NNID, then after that it hangs for a bit then eventually gives me the same error when it try to login on the eshop.

    Has anyone used a different NNID on the same system using separate emuands? and if so have you ever had problems logging in to the first one after the second one was made?

    Is it possible to get my old NNID working again?
  2. Deleted-19228

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    you shouldn't be able to use multiple nnid's on the same system.
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