Problem with uninstalling luma 6.6

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  1. Mr12

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    May 24, 2019
    Hi i have some issue when i try to uninstall luma 6.6 i just can't launch godmod so i can't uninstall luma anyone can help me ?
  2. KleinesSinchen

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    Mar 28, 2018
    First of all: Uninstalling custom firmware has no benefits at all, does not solve any problems and removes all tools to solve problems.

    Having that said: Luma v6.6 means you are probably using A9LH.
    You should upgrade your CFW installation to B9S. Then – if you insist on uninstalling for whatever reason – you can use the uninstall option of the GodMode9 MegaScript.

    A9LH to B9S – or – A9LH to B9S [French Version]
    Uninstall CFW – or – Uninstall CFW [French Version]

    :!: Do not skip the safety test. Do not uninstall CFW if the Home Menu does not load in the test. :!:

    If you are currently not using A9LH but "Menuhax" this should be enough to remove it – this was long before I started using hacks on the 3DS, so I'm not sure.
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  3. am714

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    Apr 1, 2018
    [REMOVED]I meant to say that the OP is probably trying to boot godmode9.firm so since using luma 6.6 and A9LH the file will never boot
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