Problem updating .Cia games

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    Dec 20, 2016
    Hello, I,ve just been able to buy myself a new 3ds recently and came upon a problem, I can't update my games using fbi or big blue menu. This has hapened in super smash bros 4 and mario kart where i downloaded and instaled the updates in .cia using FBI and they appeared in the downloaded content menu but the game still gives the actualization avaliable message for the game the strange thing here is that I was able to instal an update normally for pokémon X from the nintendo store that actually works while It does not for the other ones.
    After looking arround I found an updated version of mario kart 1.1 that allows you to play online that has the game already updated in a single .cia (doesn't put anything in downloaded content) and runs perfect both online and offline.
    So..Is there a way to solve this without messing with my CFW? Maybe a way to put the update in the game or a single .cia before instaling it...
    I'm currently using RXtools.
    Thanks for reading and sorry if I made some mistakes.