1. Lemski07

    OP Lemski07 Advanced Member

    Nov 11, 2009
    I'm having an issue with 1 of my battery , my psp boots up when its only plugged but turns off when I remove it, it happened today when I just watching "H#&%@!" movie in my psps when suddenly it turned off and wont open,(it sucks when its already in the climax), this is my backup battery that I bought just recently about 2 months ago and I dont often use it, just used around 5 times just when my original battery runs out of juice when Im outside, and today also make it 6

    but when Im using the original one (main battery) It turns on just fine "for now"

    so which of it has the real problem the unit itself (I hope not) [​IMG] or my battery just short circuited (I hope so) [​IMG]

    if youve encountered problem like this please share I would appreaciate it very much [​IMG]
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