Pro Fighter X Turbo

Discussion in 'Other Consoles & Oldies' started by jamespoo, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. jamespoo

    jamespoo GBAtemp Fan

    Mar 4, 2011
    New Zealand

    you remember this i still own mine and brought it back when they came out

    have you owned one or used one

    mine looks brand new
  2. Bonny

    Bonny 34 years old and the leisure time of a kid

    Dec 8, 2008
    Gambia, The

    Just had a Pro Fighter Turbo... and a Bung Doctor 7, SWC DX2, V64, Z64, Super Magicom, Venus Multi Game Hunter, Super Partner, GBX Doctor, GB Transferer...

    I sold the Bung Doctor, the Venus MGH, the Super Partner and the Magicom.

    The rest is still here in Box and looks very good.

    But who cares - It's only a matter of time until the RAM of those Units nukes itself. Enjoy as long as the Unit works. And replace the Battery on the Board, it is sure leaked after all these years.
  3. TrolleyDave

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    Jan 1, 2007
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    Nope, I had a Double Pro Fighter and a Super UFO. Still got the Super UFO, but the DPF died a long time ago sadly. Shame as well as it was my favourite backup unit.
  4. churkus

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    May 27, 2006
    i still have my swc 32 mbit i got when they first came out, oh the fun we had in those days.

    recently, i got both the snes powerpak and the megadrive neo myth, and played them for a couple of months. now they sit in the cupboard, and i use the PC and Snes9x/Fusion - with cg shaders etc. I get a pretty authentic look and solid 60fps, plus the convenience of savestates and AR codes/youtube means I am actually working thru all the games i ever wanted to complete.