Price check on this console?

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    So I currently have this model:

    And I've been wanting to sell mine since I don't use it that much anymore. I have a used one, and I want to bundle it with Pokemon diamond and pearl, and the carrying case that it came with, all for $100. Now from that ebay post above, a new one went for around $120, so do you think my offer is sufficient or should I decrease/increase?

    I've been wanting to start ebaying my items, but kind of unsure how to prevent scams and such, and making good presentation as a user who is brand new but I'm working on it

    Thanks everyone
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    Hello There!

    Since I have years of experience with eBay, I will give you some advice and a estimate here on your said bundle.

    I can't give you exact numbers on your items since I don't know if you have the cases to the games and manuals but I can say that $100 is a good price depending on condition of the DS, if it has the box, and the games themselves.

    eBay advice:
    • Always take good pictures of your product - make sure the photo is clear (not blurred), make sure the item is cleaned to a shine, and get some nice angles going.
    • In the description, fully list the story of the item then do a recap list at the end of what all is included.
    • Make sure they know they can message you if they have questions.
    • Price competitively - look the market over for the current pricing, don't look at the big sellers, look at the smaller sellers and estimate a price.
    • Make a non-stock title for the item - this refers to the title of the auction, if its stock, some if not most will over look it
    • Keep in mind the fees - say if you sold that DS bundle for $100 you would put about $10 in eBay fees and around $10 for shipping - Total Profit $80 *keep that in mind*

    Side tip*
    I always put free shipping because it always attracts more customers!!!

    If you need more help, let me know ;)