Previously Modded Wii, Updated to 4.3U

Discussion in 'Wii - Backup Loaders' started by niccador, Sep 7, 2010.

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    Yesterday, a gentleman brought me a Wii which had been previously modded by someone other than myself (else, this never would have happened). Apparently the previous mod did not have updates blocked, and the user foolishly updated to 4.3U using the Metroid: Other M disc. Now, of course, none of his mods/loaders work.

    I've tried reading through these forums, but the closest I can gather is that I just need to use the current SmashStack or Indiana exploits along with the latest HackMii, to restore HBC functionality, and that may or may not be all that's needed? Can someone elaborate on this a bit, please?

    Also, if I can get HBC restored, I would ideally like to replace his current USBLoader setup (not even sure what he's got on there yet) with my "usual" much more reliable configuration that uses PriiLoader and CfgUSB, and the most recent stable cIOS'. Would I simply ignore the fact that it was a previous mod, and work from the ground up, allowing it to just overwrite everything?
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    Yes, ignore that anything was done to it and pretend you have a virgin 4.3U Wii. If you want, use AnyTitleDeleter to get rid of any extra loaders that might be hanging around still.