Preventing Uninstallion of Programs

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    Here's the deal. I have a cousin with autism that is pretty low functioning. In her attempts to install a printer on her computer by herself (a printer that doesn't even work
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    alanjohn check ur pm
    Create a new user account, without admininstrative rights.
    And make sure to set a password on the administrator account.
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    Programs do exist to freeze control of the C drive for basic users (i.e. can't install or uninstall anything), but I don't know specifically what those programs are. I've only seen the result of it on college computers.
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    In this case UAC probably isn't going to cut it. You'll probably have to set up a group policy locally.

    In windows do Start-Run and type in


    Go to User Configuration -> Administrative Templates

    From there you can go through and lock down whatever you want. It requires time to sort through but there are some online guides that will point you to some common options. Just look for "Group Policy".

    Just an FYI from an admin, usually the options are "Not Configured" , "Enabled", "Disabled". DO NOT ASSUME what these functions do. There are lots of bizarre double negative and just plain ambiguous settings. Test to make sure whatever setting you do, does what you think it should. Try it in a VirtualBox first and play around with the settings to get something that fits your needs. Also keep an Administrative account on the computer so you can log in and change settings, or help them install something. As an additional plus, try to install the free version of LogMeIn. I find this tool to be invaluable in troubleshooting my parents computer remotely. It'll save you a road trip to do some basic help desk stuff.

    Hope this helps

    Forgot there's another way to probably get what you want.

    Basically use the Group Policy and make it so they can only launch iexplore.exe or firefox.exe

    Add mmc.exe so you can log in and edit the group policy in case you need to do anything.
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    Skanix Illusion is one, I've encountered it countless times. Haven't seen any others in use, but I know there's also Windows Steadystate by Microsoft.

    But yeah, seconding the suggestion of editing group policies.