Possibility of downgrading

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    I have literally no use for it since I'm getting a Vita TV on 3.60, but my friend has a 3.61 and keeps asking me if there's going to be any way to downgrade in the future.

    And I'm curious too, in case I do something wrong and accidentaly update ( or someone in my house does ), is there hope for downgrading in the future? I'm kinda optimistic, the Vita is getting closer and closer to being a fully hacked system so who knows.
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    so far, no. but with the way the scene has been lately, it wouldnt surprise me if someone finds a way. well, for 3.60 that is. have your friend do a motherboard swap. you can easily fine 3.60 boards on ebay for under $80 for slims, and about $30-$50 for the 1K models.
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    Dec 24, 2015

    Hey i have just ordered a Vita TV and was interested to ask you some questiosn about games on henkaku with vita tv.

    Hope you use the whitelister or anti blacklister to play incompatible games.

    I wanted to know how do games look on vita tv. would they be like ps3 games-in graphic wise?
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    Some blacklisted games are completely playable with DS3/DS4 controller with no need for touch at all, like Citizens of Earth. I can't think of any incentive from Sony to blacklist them. My theory is some game developers didn't want to spend extra money or time to get their games certified on Vita TV, which sold poorly. Just my guess.

    Graphics on Vita TV are upscaled to 720p/1080i from 540p in best case scenario. 3D games generally look kinda blurry with aliasing. 2D games fare much better, like Muramasa Rebirth, which looks absolutely gorgeous on TV. From my own experience, I generally agree with the opinions on Vita TV graphics in this Eurogamer article: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-hardware-test-ps-vita-tv
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