Pokemon White SAV trouble

Discussion in 'NDS - ROM Hacking and Translations' started by FriedMeat, Jul 23, 2013.

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    Let me apologize in advance if this has already been posted, but I have searched and found no answers. If it has, I would really really appreciate it if you could link me to the thread.

    I've recently logged 75+ hours on my Pokemon White version within the past 2 weeks and I would hate to see my work be taken away. This has happened on my Black 2 also (150+ hours gone). After I beat Alder and the game saves, i normally just turn my DS off and back on and load the save from where it last saved (Nuvema Town after beating the Pokemon League). The last time I had loaded it up, it said I had a corrupted save file and it would be deleted... which would suck. I do use a SuperCard DSTWO and have had no other corruptions other than the Black 2. The only cheat I use on BOTH Black 2 and my White is the option to press the R button to view my Pokemon's EVs due to the fact that I enjoy EV training. Now I can EV train without this option, but it just makes it a lot easier. Here's the weird part; the same Pokemon White save works on the emulator DeSmuME for the PC. I don't understand why it will work on the emulator but not my DSTWO. My microSD card is almost full (3.01 GB free of 14.8 GB) but I don't know why the data just now decided to be corrupted. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    Try loading the save file into Desmume with cheats turned off, then save your game immediately, export the file, and put it back on the flashcart.

    If that doesn't work, and you have another MicroSD, try using that one instead. The amount of space remaining on your MicroSD shouldn't affect your save file (compared to the 512 kilobyte size of your save file, that 3 GB left on your card is massive), but your card might be nearing the end of its lifespan. SD cards are flash ROM, and only have a certain number of writes available before they start to break down. I'd back up any other save files you don't want to lose at that time, as well.

    A third option might be to look up specific glitches which can cause save corruption in the Pokemon games in question. Emulators work a bit differently than real hardware, and might not be affected by the same glitches. If you find out what's causing the problem, you may be able to fix it using Desmume and/or Pokesav/Pokegen in order to "repair" your save file. This one's a bit of a long shot though.
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