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    Hey guys, I was thinking about getting a Power Save for my wife an I. We want to use it mostly for ease, but I want see if you guys know some more specifics about the codes, and legitness, obviously we are using a device to hack or modify, so legit is kinda silly I suppose. But here are the questions. For X/Y OR/AS and UM/US. We just want to be able to still wonder trade, or battle, and just don't wanna risk a ban. So we wanna just use the ones that are okay to use. Clearly I know the answer is don't cheat, don't get banned. But I am still curious for those that would give a legit answer, rather then a smart ass don't cheat then comment. We just want mostly ease of life changes.

    • Shiny encounter/Bank Slot modify Code: Do either of these codes create a legit Pokemon, I read conflicting comments, some say the Pokemon PID is not correct when encountering a wild Pokemon, is this true? Does the same apply for the modify bank slot Pokemon.
    • Cloning Pokemon code: I assume this code works, I see people clone Pokemon all the time, but just wanna see if this is detectable?
    • Quick Hatch Code/Hatch All Code: We breed a lot of Pokemon, does this code show up in the Pokemon stats that it hatched faster than it's intended? We don't wanna trade Pokemon that might be marked like that and risk being banned.
    • EXP Box 1 Slot 1: Does this just give that exp when the Pokemon is in that slot? Do you move all the Pokemon into that slot that you want and it works, or is it one at a time.

    Thanks for any replies!
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    Yes, they do create legal Pokemon unless it is illegal stats/shininess(anything that is shiny locked like Lunala in Pokemon SM/USUM or if the hidden ability hasn't been released yet like the Tapus again from SM/USUM)

    No it is not detectable(Unless the Pokemon is already illegal). If you do this I would suggest that you use Pokemon Bank to switch the Pokemon around. It's faster than going into the game.

    No, how fast the Pokemon hatches is not recorded.

    It is just Box 1 Slot 1, you would have to do it one at a time.