Pokemon Migration, various hardware

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    Hi. I'm gonna get this part out of the way, I KNOW topics about Pokemon migration using DS flashcards and slot 2 cards has been done to death. However, I've gathered so much information from numerous sources (gbatemp, Supercard forums, PHwiki, etc.) and I can't, for the life of me, get ANYTHING to work. The farthest I've ever gotten is the "Migrate from Emerald" option to appear in the menu screen and the game telling me the game save is corrupted. So I'd like to know if anyone could help me troubleshoot what's wrong.

    Specifically, the games I'm using are Pokemon Emerald for GBA, and Pokemon Platinum for NDS.
    The slot 1 cards I have are:
    Supercard DSONE, running OS 3.0 SP2
    Supercard DSTWO, running System 1.11

    And the slot 2 cards I have are:
    Supercard SD
    EZFlash 3-in-1, version 3

    I've tried so many methods, some involving Pokepatch to make the Plat. ROM to read from the slot 2 SRAM and using the GBA Linker features of the two slot 1 Supercards. I haven't gotten anything to work. Does anyone think they may be able to help me out, possibly with specific instructions (a lot of the instructions I found were incredibly vague)?

    EDIT: I just tried using Rudolph's GBA Exploader to load the Emerald rom and proper save file to the 3in1, then tested it to confirm that it worked. Then I used the SC DSONE to try and migrate and that failed. I tried accessing it with both a vanilla Platinum rom and a rom patched for EZ 3in1 via Pokepatch (v5 alpha, the newest version out at this moment). They both caused "Migrate from Emerald" to show up on the menu, but I get the same error as last time (May not be a file saved or save file is corrupted). I'll try with the SC DSTWO later.