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    Aug 31, 2008
    This is just a suggestion because i failed miserably and don't know what to do next. [​IMG]

    By hacking the SDAT file inside HGSS, it is possible to extract the voices of pokemons.

    These files are named WAVE_ARC_PV001.swar to WAVE_ARC_PV519.swar
    Voice files from other games come in the typical "*.swav" format, so this part puzzles me but
    by using "kiwids/NDSEditor" it is possible to convert the files to *.wav format.

    So, does anybody know a tool that converts *.wav files back to *.swar?

    What i'm trying to do here is to get pokemon voices from the anime series in short *.wav format, then convert to *.swar and then switching them with the files inside the gs_sound.sdat
    because I'm tired of listening to the 8-bit cries of pokemon everytime i encounter them.

    I tried replacing Ho-oh's voice with the arceus_bgm, by simple copy-pasting, but i've ended up with a broken sound when i tested it with nocash.

    This may be tedious, is anyone up for the task if this is possible?

    Found these tools by loveemu but i can't reprogram them that far.
    and when i tried feeding them the .swar files, i cant make them work.. [​IMG] hahaha
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