Pokemon HG/SS Hack

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    To start off with I do not know if this is the right section, i looked for some rules but i only found some rules on translation. I apologize if this is the wrong section.

    Moving on, I have seen and played many hacks such as pokemon shiny gold, bloody diamond, etc. and i find it odd that while i search the only ones i have seen for HG/SS are only to make the game harder. Mabye its too soon and we dont yet have the tools, but has anyone thought of mabye editing the game so you start as Red in pallet town? The new Kanto version is just beautiful (imo) and i am surprised there arent alot of posts trying to figure this out or trying to make it. Im no hacker or leader so i am not saying i can make something like this but i simply wanted to put this idea out so people may get the idea to mabye work on a project like this. If anyone has heard of a project like this or mabye wants to start one up just leave a comment and if i can help in anyway let me know i might be able to do something [​IMG] .

    And with that I say cheers and thanks for looking at my idea [​IMG]