Pokemon Heart Gold Rom Issues.

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    Dec 15, 2014
    I have an R4ITT on the latest DSi Software with a pokemon heartgold rom.

    I was playing as normal, named my rival and saved. As I was saving the little clock which keeps turning around did not stop so I thought that I could wait for a minute and it would be done. I waited for 5 minutes and it did not stop so I turned off the console, thinking that I would only lose my save and I would have to restart.

    However when I opened up the rom, instead of the normal grey loading bar (in the r4itt menu) at the bottom of my screen, it was a thicker yellow bar which only happens for newer games such as pokemon black 2. When the rom opened it was just a white screen and I could not do anything about it. So I turned it off again.

    I turned on the AP Cheat fix code but it would not save my settings for the cheats and the device froze. I tried this a couple more times and it had the same outcome. I tried soft-resetting at the white screen and this didnt work either.

    I then tried to open my .sav file with PokeGen to see if it is working, however it just came up with a screen saying: Unable to determine the save file game (image attached below)

    I then looked on the internet for fixes, I tried deleting the .sav file and downloading another .nds file with the AP Fix already on it but it had the same outcome.

    Does anyone have any fixes for this or atleast know what happened?

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