Pokemon Gen IV Distribution Rom Hacks?

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    So, i recently got back into using distribution roms since I got Pokemon X and Black 2 and can now trade pokemon up through the ranks to Gen V. So, I find the Distributor rom for Gen IV, slap on a pcd file, and.... nothing.

    I load up the rom on my supercard DSTwo, start distributing, but nothing is picked up.

    For clarification, I have 3 DSes.

    1 OOOOOOLD Phat DS (Cannot connect to my wifi, shouldn't matter though, right?)
    1 3DS
    1 3DS XL with GW

    Now, no matter how I do this, I've gotta use a 3ds somewhere along the lines. I've successfully distributed pokemon from my 3DS to Black and black 2 before for a couple friends, so I DO know what I'm doing.

    Here's everything I've done, and if something is wrong, please help me out.
    Also, I'm PRETTY sure this goes here considering it's about hacking a game for the regular DS, but if I AM wrong, please feel free to move it.

    Distributing from any of the 3 handhelds to any of the other 3 didn't work, no matter the combo. For that reason, I'll use 3ds for example because the old DS has a huge crack in top screen so I can't see anything.

    1. Set dates on both to February 1st, 2011 (Shiny Suicune Event)
    2. Boot up Heartgold on 3DS XL
    3. Boot up altered Distribution rom for the Suicune event on my Supercard DSTwo.
    4. Start distributing
    5. On heartgold, go to Mystery Gift, receive gift, over wireless.
    6. Wait.
    7. Nothing

    So yeah, no idea where I went wrong. Maybe there's a newer distribution rom I don't know about?

    Anyway, for clarification, I'm NOT asking for any roms, just info. IF there's a newer Distribution rom for Gen IV, I don't want a link, just the knowledge that it exists. Thanks.