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    This editor allows to modify current orbs (the that can be used to buy), refill clouds, items, upgrade levels and unlock the special gen IV extensions that can only be unlocked inserting the gen IV cartridges on the 3DS.

    Also allows to modify the "current orb count for reward", which is the value that stores how many orbs were gathered since the last reward was received:

    Retrieval Extension:            Obtain a total of 200 Dream Orbs
    Eureka Extension A (Tornadus):    Obtain a total of 400 Dream Orbs
    Dowsing Extension:                Obtain a total of 700 Dream Orbs, catch Tornadus
    Eureka Extension B (Thundurus):    Obtain a total of 1500 Dream Orbs, catch Tornadus
    Eureka Extension G (Landorus):    Obtain a total of 3000 Dream Orbs, catch Thundurus
    Press the "Give next reward" button to set it to a value that will trigger the next story event.
    Note: you may have to enter and exit the search screen each time to receive the all the rewards, since only one is given at a time.

    After the player catches Tornadus, Thundurs or Landorus, the "current orb count for reward" is reset to 0. This means that currently, to unlock all game content, one has to do the following:
    1. Set "current orb count for reward" to at least 400
    2. Enter the game, Retrieval and Eureka A extensions are received
    3. Catch Tornadus, "current orb count for reward" is reset to 0.
    4. Set "current orb count for reward" to at least 1500
    5. Enter the game, Dowsing and Eureka B extensions are received
    6. Catch Thundurus, "current orb count for reward" is reset to 0.
    7. Set "current orb count for reward" to at least 3000
    8. Enter the game, Eureka G extensions is received
    9. After catching Landorus, the credits will roll and all left game content will be unlocked (simulator A, B and G will be received and gen IV extensions, if unlocked, will be available).

    It also allows to unlock the geneartion IV extensions, which can normally only be unlocked by inserting a gen IV DS cartridge in the 3DS console, and to re-catch those legendaries so they can be transfered to another Black2/White2 cartridge.

    Todo list:
    • Check whether or not pokemon are randomly generated when transfered to Black2/White2 --> checked, pokémon are randomly generated in BW2, independently of Dream Radar transfered data.
    • Find power up data --> found
    • Find in-game item data --> found
    • Find current orb color data (dream pokemon change depending on it) --> found where it might be, but since it looks more complicated than I thought and you can just play once, get a single orb and get that color I won't look more into it.
    • Find highscore data (probably will only be editable in PC save editor) --> found
    • Maybe: find transferable items/pokemon (editable in PC save editor depending on how they are stored)
    • Maybe: find tornadus/thundurs/landorus catched flags to be able to re-catch (might be game-breaking) --> probably found, needs further testing (game breaks if all flags enabled in a new savefile). Also found highscore data/game finished flag in the proces

    See more information about the game at: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Pokémon_Dream_Radar

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    Warning: Spoilers inside!

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    Nov 15, 2014
    nice, thanks
  3. suloku

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    Apr 28, 2008
    I thought the game kept track of the pink, green, blue and orange orbs, but turns out it changes every search, ie:

    If you make a new search and only get 1 pink orb, next search preferred orb will be pink.
    If you make a new search and only get 1 green orb, next search preferred orb will be green.

    I won't bother finding where the exact value for this is stored, unless I find it searching for another thing.

    What I have found is the value that stores how many orbs have been obtained until next reward is awarded. Some of this rewards need the thundurus, landorus, tornadus catched flags. This means I can progress trough the game very quickly and make easy tests to locate flags and values.

    In fact, nothing else would be needed for the editor to get everything it has to offer since:
    1.- We can edit "cash", so all buyable items can be obtained in game: upgrades cost 9300 orbs, 100 of each item (I don't know the limit) would cost 20.000 orbs. Maximum orbs is 999.999, more than enough.
    2.- There's only 3 unlockables (tornadus, thundurs and landorus). Ok, copying to computer to unlock each time is a pain, but not that much if editor is on 3ds itself.
    3.- We already know how to unlock gen IV legendaries extensions (need to check personally though), which was the most limiting factor.

    With those 3 things, if anyone wants to get more legendaries, he can just erase the savegame and in the time span of 10 minutes he will have probably catched them all. They can only be transfered once though. I'll check if they are randomly generated when transfered to black/white2 because if they are, then with a PDR backup with the 8 legendaries, catching them more than once would be pointless if the goal is to transfer, just restore the save and transfer them again (they can only be transfered once to a b/w2 save anyways).

    Heck, if region5 can make some kind of cheats, this can even be done in game. We'll see when it comes.

    I will not research how items/pokemon are stored for link transfer, they are not that great and it's nothing a black/white save editor can't provide. If you want more, just play the game; (well MAYBE I'll look into how items are stored, but only items).

    Summing up: I'll make a 3dsx version that can edit orbs, genIV extensions and set the save so the next reward is given.
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  4. suloku

    suloku GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    Apr 28, 2008
    Updated, it is on par with 3ds version and can modify highscore data. I'm stopping research and developing since it would take more time to find how to re-enable the story events (landorus, thundurus, tornadus) than the 5 minutes process described in first post. Since items and upgrades can be edited too catching the legendaries is a walk in the park.

    Finding how pokemon and items are stored would be interesting for those not being able to edit their NDS savegames, but probably homebrew will offer a solution to that on 3DS on the future, so not worth it IMHO since the time I spent on it led to nothing.
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