pokemon crystal dump need help

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    Hi i've recently brought a GBxcartRW trying to transfer my old gameboy colour pokemon crystal save file onto my pc.
    I've read the rom and sav file and its on my pc but the rom wont load and the save file won't load with either of the 2 roms i have form the internet.
    The rom is .gb and save file is .sav.
    I'm using a visualboyadvance emulator.
    Has anyone got any ideas how i can get the save file and rom to work please? i'm not very good with computers so might need a bit of explanation please?
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    Feb 13, 2015
    Bad dump due to dirty connections or the dumper not supporting MBC3? (open in NO$GMB which verifies checksums, or compare with a database like Good or No-Intro)
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    I forgot
    Try opening the sav in a save editor like Pkhex or Pikasav as well, if the save is proper it should open no problem in either. If not, I believe both output a log file with some basic info on what went wrong when trying to load it.

    Also, did you try importing the battery file (.sav) when you loaded the ROMs in VBA? It should be noted that occasionally, just having the .sav in the same directory as the ROM may not work if the save wasn't generated by VBA, you might have to import the sav first before it'll load.