[Please Help!] XP Media Center - No Mouse/Keyboard

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    Mmkay. We've had this XP Media Center computer for fiveish years. It's a DELL, if that matters. It is using the built-in RAID-1 on the MoBo.

    A few days ago, it started BSOD-ing. No safe mode or "Last known good configuration", they both BSOD'd. 0 I looked up the error code on Microslop's website, and it said that SP3 was corrupted. So, I grabbed my XP Pro disk (Can't find my MCE one!) to use the recovery console. It doesn't have the RAID driver. I grabbed a USB Floppy drive and a floppy and threw a the raid drivers on the floppy. XP doesn't like the drivers >.<

    Then, I grabbed my 7 Beta disc (do NOT ask why I still have that), and loaded the recovery console. It didn't recognize XP, so I used the Command Prompt. I went to c:\WINDOWS\System32\$NtServicePackUninstall$\spuninst\ and tried "Batch spuninst.txt", that didn't work, so I "copy spuninst.txt spuninst.bat"'d, and then "spuninst.bat".

    It ran for about 45 mins (yeah!!! LONG!!!), and then when it was done, I rebooted. I started it in safemode. Like on the KB page, it froze at a black screen, but I didn't have mouse control like it said I would. I waited for about an hour, still no mouse. I restarted again. A quick tap of the power button shut it down normally. I started it back up in safe mode, and I got to the login screen, but no mouse. Waited an hour, still no mouse (or keyboard (I know that because the numlock wouldn't toggle)). I restarted into normal mode. Got to my desktop (login screen was skipped), no mouse/keyboard.

    The computer is USB only, no PS2 ports.

    Please help! I don't have MCE restore CDs!

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