Please help me to fix my saving files

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    Aug 20, 2017
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    I have not play the NDS for a long time because I was busy, and not long ago, I played the LOVEPLUS(JP ver,not loveplus+) again, the R4 SDHC silver card for flashcart was normal at the beginning. Several days ago, I met a friend and he told me that the Kernel have been updated for a long time.

    So, I updated my Kernel yesterday, but after I changed the Kernel, the SAV file could not load anymore, and the game said the save is being generated!!!

    I really need help. I do not want to give up this save. Does any experienced player know why this happen? Is it possible to load this save with simulator? Please help me!!!

    This is the information I have:

    1, The game file name and the save name is the same, but could not be load.

    2, I have tried to use the save for other games, and it seems that the save could not be load if the file name was changed even once!!! But I have no idea if it is working on simulator, but I am sure that it is not working for the R4 silver card anymore! The game said the save is being generated if the game runs again! What a trap!!!

    3, I have not used the simulator before, so I have no idea how to use it to load the save. That’s why I need help from you experienced players. You can try to use your flashcart to test if it can load my save or not, or maybe you can try with your simulator. If you find a solution, please do tell me, I can even change another flashcart.

    I really appreciate your help. I believe anyone who have played LOVE PLUS knows what the save means. I have dedicated too much in this game and I do not want to give up this game. It is ok if you need some necessary reward for helping me out. Please help me, and my future is depending on you guys now!!!

    The game rom and save download link: password: 6vvh only)

    Remarks: Not have to solve the flashcart problem, load the save in whatever way will be enough, even to use another flashcart or simulator. If anyone successfully load the save or find a solution, I can reward provide some rewards(exp. like steam game code)