Please help me guys!

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    Sep 14, 2009
    Ok guys, Before i get told off [​IMG] i HAVE read every post on the net on every forum that explains all the stuff im about to ask.

    Please all i wish is for some help. I have followed ALL instructions step by step twice and nothing.(Also, If i dont make sense its because i dont fully understand)

    Basically, I have an R4 not a clone, I took off the firmware and replaced it with R4sauto..( Again im confused because some people say that they have a YSmenu...Yet this appears to be the same)

    Its running fine, I inputted the Infolib and Savlib, The infolib seems to work as my games boot alot faster, But after ALOT of trying the savlib still doesn't generate a 1MB save file.

    I seen some people saying they updated the YSmenu the the Ez3in1 Nor, Or something. What i dont understand either is how you actually update it, I drag the Zip file of the original YSmenu into the r4sauto folder and run the batch file that creates the YSmenu or TTmenu for my SD card, However I tried doing the same with the NE update but it says Error the original Ysmenu zip is needed....I even put them BOTH in at the same time and ran the batch file but still no avail... Please if anyone can help you would make my little boy happy as he is wanting to play Pokemon and China town wars. But there aint no point as the data will corrupt when it exceeds 512k.

    Please i just need someone to tell me step by step, Il format my SD card and start from scratch i just want this to work.

    Thanks so much.