Please help choosing smartphone....(Big phone)

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  1. Katsumi San

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    Jan 15, 2012
    Information.. I am current have service network of Cricket(I do not happening problem, all OK!) First list: I have left phone(ZTE) then many time pass and is break(glass) do not ask how.. was accident. Now I think "Only momentararrii I buy small phone" because this is world when you are need essential electronic device for communication, then purchase phone(current) right(Samsung).

    Okay time is pass and I start not like such small phone... It is not okay go from big to small phone. Sorry I try using google translation but cannot explain feeling correctly in english. I hope some can understanding this issue of phone sizewwwwww

    Now I do some searching online but find two smartphone but I cannot deciding, here is Second list: I am thinking of purchase phone on left(32GB internal storage) but I both phone is have same spec. Oh there is something different. Display on left is TFT and right is IPS... what is different(better/bad)? But second phone only having 16GB internal storage... Oh display scratch protection different too. Dragontrail VS Gorilla? Sorry I am not to knowledge of phone specs...

    Okay this is what I cannot decide choose(but more to zte blade). Hmm... now that I look two smartphone they are same but perhaps different design..?

    Sorry people for bad english, I do not meaning harm to awesome eyes!! Thank you for reading!!

    P.S. If wonder why want usage of big phone, only to do browsing, netflix, twitter, adult animation eroge, anime, manga
  2. doughmay

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    Jan 6, 2017
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    OK, I undertsand your post, it's fine! Anway here is some answers!

    IPS is better than TFT, has more viewing angles, so you can view those adult videos in many different angles!

    Check if the second phone has an SD card slot, you can expand the internal storage using SD.

    Gorilla Glass tends to be better, but a glass screen protector would add protection to both screen glasses.

    Based on the specs of both devices, the ZTE Max XL, looks to be the better choice, both devices have SD-slot to expand storage.

    Check this link to look at specs comparison:,ZTE-Blade-X-Max/phones/10495,10510
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  3. Ricken

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    Gorilla is more scratch resistant than Dragontrail, IPS produces quality images at more angles than TFT, and the screen of the ZTE Max XL is slightly bigger. Just get an SD card for it and you're good to go!

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