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Sep 1, 2010
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****Several Months Later with Testing (new controller preference)

Mayflash Universal Adaptor


Rock Candy Wired Controller for Xbox 360

The above combination works great @ low price, for the PS VITA TV, just plug them both in, then turn on the pstv unit.
That is a really good controller brand "rock candy" and cheap. The "Rock Candy" PS3 controller i use for ps3 and raspberry pi 4, they didn't work on the may flash adaptor, but the Rock Candy xbox360 controller works and its great. (GameStop, repacked the "rock candy" in some brick and mortar stores, in their "@ play" label ........ not on the internet store, those are very low quality products, gamestop sells over the internet ............ the high quality originally caught my attention I just didn't know).

Previous Brands, stated, from Other Discussion after some weeks/months of usage, what happened to them

Voyee Controller, worked great for about a week, but, the controller lost it sensitivity, ended up being hard button presses (maybe oxidation from low quality parts)

Okay (but not better then, "Rock Candy" brand)
PAWHITS Controller


(PAWHITS Controller, pressing the up button on, "d-pad", is stiff/hard press.........i think with the Voyee Controller pressing the down button, "d-pad" is a stiff/hard press. This controller lasted without any apparent problems to the present, the buttons are not hard to press, they are just harder to press then the "Rock Candy Brand" which is equal to a Official PS4 Controller, version 1, so very good)

Off Topic PS3 Controller Test

(as stated before, "Power A Pro Mini Elite" (after some more testing is not so good) .... https://www.amazon.com/Mini-Pro-Eli...ontroller&qid=1602874025&s=electronics&sr=1-6 .... worked great, but suffered from stiff/hard "d-pad", and if you use the controller more then 2 or so hours, the controller loses responsiveness.....and may gives a battery warning ............ the controller comes with a dead battery you have to replace, but you can use it plugged into usb, this is a common problem for some cheap controllers.................)

(dreamGEAR DGPS3-3880 Shadow Wired
..................the "d-pad" is stiff/hard, not extremely so, but enough to be annoying, other then that, the controller did last over time and when playing for many hours with no problem)


Rock Candy PS3 Wired Controller, was the best overall, with no "d-pad" stiffness or other issues)

(I've Read a lot about the "After Glow Controller Brand, is as good as the Rock Candy Brand, low price great performance, but I'm finished my testing can only verify that for the "Rock Candy Brand")

(OTHER CONTROLLER BRANDS, may work great, and may have a higher price point, you can test them out...............for the pstv vita, you have to use a "wired xbox360 controller", official or cloned, and it will work, if you just use PS3 controller it probably won't work........I found only one brand that wasn't very good that did work for the PS3 controller...................IF YOU BUY A PS3/PS4 CONTROLLER AND USE IT WITH THE PSTV/VITA, then you have the problem if input latency, inconsistence response because depends on the battery charge, and you have the problem of recharging the battery and disturbing your gameplay, using a wired controller, versus using a wireless controller is a very big deal, and you don't have to be punished, with a high price or bad controller)

(ORIGINALLY, this was not intended as a "buyer's guide", but you can view this as a buyer's guide now, that I'm not promoting a product or products that are not good for the consumer)
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