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    On your 3ds create a playlist called aaaaaa add a song to it
    on your pc put your sd card in and navigate to Nintendo 3DS\Private\00020500\playlist
    find your playlist it should be called something like this 20120621125838.dat
    2012 is year 06 is month 21 is date 1 is hour 25 is minute last 3 numbers are random
    download this file
    put it in your playlist folder
    delete old playlist file
    on root of sd card make a folder named mod
    and put a blank mp3 file named a.mp3
    put sd card in 3ds start up 3ds sound
    note playlist doesnt show up
    now go to random song on sd card
    and add to the playlist called Secret
    it should name the file all funky in secret playlist folder

    note i could put any file to in the playlist so it can try to open :)
    or i could teach you how to edit playlist file

    video of after
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    I forgot
    So...what's the point of this?

    EDIT: Oh, I just saw the title of the youtube video. This isn't an "Exploit".