Planning on making High Quality & Multilanguage always up to date Tutorials for the Switch

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    Im probably in the wrong Thread, Mods may move this to somewhere else.

    Hello, I'm often very pissed off on how Tutorials are made, ofcourse no one gets really paid for it, but I always said that If I ever were to made one, I'd make them the good way.

    So there am I now today, Im thinking about making Switch Hacking related tutorials in German, what I'm planning to do, is get someone volunteer to translate them into different languages.
    I'll provide all the stock footage, with project files (You'll need Sony Vegas 15 with MBL, SapphireFX and BCC)
    I won't include any music used, due to possible copyright problems.
    I'll only include everything that I own. You will just need to get the songs from somewhere else, is not a big deal, Vegas does find them automatically.

    So, what about uploading?
    Im not sure about this exactly...I don't have a problem with someone who translated this maybe to greek, uploading it on his channel.
    But theres one big problem...I wanna take care of my Videos, to prevent brickery, this means if something changes with time, I want to edit these Videos, redo them, and not cluster whole Youtube with outdated Tutorials.
    This could be a problem in this case.

    Another solution would be to get people to send me the the translated narration and Text for me to change it.
    Ofcourse Credit where Credit is due.

    Im not planning to make money off of these, It's just that I wan't to give something back in the community, and also do something that I like and is fun.
    Here is the beta footage of how this is going to look like, btw this is not my voice ok ? This voice is from my friend and he voiced it for me.
    Reminder: The end result may look very different, what do you guys think about it?
    And alternative would be to just simply add Subtitles.

    I need to change the music from beep beep block thing to something else, because Nintendo already claimed the Video rights. G_G
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    I think having video's over things that won't really change, like RCM mode, and uploading payloads, but for everything, Text would be better to do, and easier to maintain

    You could help on the wiki :D
  3. Der_Blockbuster

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    Mar 2, 2016
    Well, it's for the people who don't like to read tutorials.
    This Video is to teach someone who never ever came in touch which the Switch Hacking Scene to learn the basic words and what they mean.
  4. ScarletDreamz

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    Feb 16, 2015
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    I do know what you are trying to do, but before messing with ANY console, not only a NX, you need to read, it has always been like this.

    That's the better thing to do, and also take in consideration that the Switch scene, its evolving very fast.

    That's the reason why plailect hasn't made/update his official guide:

    Your intentions are good, however, the users need to read before always messing with a console hacking scene.
  5. Shalashaska98

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    Jan 17, 2018
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    Small update, seems YouTube is removing SX, ReiNX videos.
  6. fatsquirrel

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    Nov 11, 2013
    Thats what I wanted to say.
    If you plan on making any money out of this tutorials, you can forget about it
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  7. Ev1l0rd

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    I don't like shooting down ideas before they have a chance at fruition, but no on video guides.

    Video guides are pretty much universally harmful, they can't be updated when new information comes to light without reuploading the full video (and I can guarantee you that eventually you'll forget about this thing and leave up a bunch of outdated guides), they can easily result in misheard instructions, and there's been too many cases where video guides contain inaccuracies.

    There's a guide available at (and the RCM guide linked in there) that is at the moment pretty much semi-official (in that it's supported by the Nintendo Homebrew guild, which is pretty much the largest homebrew community out there).

    The reason Plailects guide isn't updated is because he's waiting for the release of Atmosphere (which makes sense, since Hekate isn't originally designed to be for end-users, but for people that want to develop stuff).
  8. Nightflash

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    Jan 14, 2018
    I think multi-language tutorials are a great idea and well-suited for people getting into the scene. However, I am also against the idea of video tutorials.

    More like: The most complete switch hacking guide with links to everything the forum has to offer, maintained by you. That could well be a sticky one day and you could create different tab layouts for different languages in one "complete" thread. That would be wonderful.

    But yeah, there are so many people also on GBATemp that post questions like "How can I play games for free?" in a new thread or "I have heard of a CFW, what is its name?" even when there is everything served to them on a silver plate. You don't even have to use the search function on here, google is already enough! Those exact same people look for video guides in the first place... Hacking a device should require the will to learn, patience to read and the interest to keep up with the scene evolvings. Also to avoid possible mistakes. I am by far no regular poster on here but I follow every scene for months or years before I decide to hack my devices (I don't intend to say that everyone has to be like me, I am just super cautious). You could help a lot of people with a Megaguide and thoroughly explain what you are doing in each step, the use of every program etc.

    That would be great!