Plailect Guide Need confirmation (Noob first time doing this)

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  1. TheDefend

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    Aug 30, 2016
    So originally i have an o3DS that is running 9.7 then downgraded to 9.2
    I need confirmation on several steps that i did
    Part1: Regarding the decrypt9 thing, i did the thing to get the OTP files while still on ver 9.2, is this the correct thing to do or i need to convert to 2.1 first? (Still get the OTP files, not sure if it's correct or not)

    Part2: Followed this to the letter after doing step1

    Part3: With the exception to this part "Navigate to /Nintendo 3DS/(32 Character ID)/(32 Character ID)/extdata/00000000/ on your SD card" that just didn't appear on my sd card when the first time i'm checking it, so basically i finished doing EVERYTHING before deleting one of the files that were required to be deleted.

    "Update your CFW SysNAND to the latest version using system settings" Does this thing telling me to do a system update or what? (Still in 9.2 since it's confusing)

    Following all those 3 guides, i'm ended up with the sys 9.2.0-20U

    So, am I already in CFW that is using official FW that can be repatched all the time using hourglass9 whenever some softbrick happen or what?
    and does this mean i have to get a CIA files and install it with FBI before i can play it?
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    I'm curious. How did you even get the OTP on 9.2??
    Also, the sys in system setting indicates that your 3DS is already hacked is good to update to the latest firmware without wiping away A9LH
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    did you do the part with "CTRNAND Transfer", then "Auto CTRNAND Transfer"?

    and then later used decrypt 9 to reflash your nandbackup?

    because if you did, you were on 2.1 for a while already.

    if you hold start while starting up the 3ds, what happens?
  4. TheDefend

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    Aug 30, 2016
    basically if you follow the guide, it will flash the 3ds into FW 2.1 for a while to get the OTP before being reverted to 9.2
    unless i'm wrong

    Yes, it run the LUMA or something when doing the select+power and a9lh when start+power
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