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    To what should I pay attention to, to make it look "legal" "trustworthy"?
    Can you get banned for this when using online and in contests? And if so, is it likely to happen?
    Or only if put in unrealistic information that that pokemon shouldn't have?

    I made a charmander with 31 IV's and 510 EV's level 1.
    Shouldn't it have more stats then 5-6-7-6-7 at level 1 then? Shouldn't it have 31 IV's?
    Or do they iv's grow overtime relatively? Did I mess something up?

    How to make it look realisticly like u got this pokemon breeded from an egg with perfect IV's?
    Is setting the location in this important? like Met location met date, met level, egg met conditions, egg date.
    I have not noticed things like father or mother in this program, or any abilities that may have passed down..?
    for my charmander I said I got it from an egg lv 1 , with scratch, growl, shiny and with perfect IV/EV's.
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