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    Apr 24, 2016
    So I've been playing around with pk3ds to make it work for my pokemon moon. I managed to randomize starters, wild encounters, pokemon moves and abilities. But trainers always have their original pokemon. Except with different moves and abilities. I want the pokemon to be randomized.

    Whenever i press the randomize button on trainers it randomizes.. Until i open it again. It doesnt save at all. And yes in the backup folder for pk3ds it has created 3 files ( trclass (a104), trdata (a105) and trpoke (a106) ) which tells me that it *should* be saved. But it isnt.

    I've tried multiple times to re-randomize and replace the new 4, 5, 6 files. Still nothing.

    Any solution?

    EDIT: I am currently using the 10th dec 2016 pk3DS build. Can't find anything else updated, so not sure if its that.
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