Pixelh8 Music Tech Master Stroke DS

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    The Pixelh8 Music Tech Master Stroke DS is a real time synthesizer for the Nintendo DS system it allows for extensive sound design and is the natural evolution of the Music Tech Series allowing for the classic chip tune sound on a modern device.

    The new system allows for keyboard style play by pressing “X” to bring up the 2 Octave Xylophone or classic Music Tech mode by using the directional pad to control the sounds in the same way as the Music Tech Game Boy and Pro Performer Game Boy Advance.

    Loads of new combinations are possible as you can now combine interval settings with time based effects as well as using the noise channel instead of tone and the easy change between menus allow for quick change during performance.

    All sounds are produced via the on board sound chip and no samples or sample manipulation is used, this is a real time chip tune synth for the DS.

    Source: www.pixelh8.co.uk
    found this sweet news at: www.ds-scene.net


    Looks very promising if you ask me [​IMG]
  2. Brian117

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    Wow, that looks like a really really awesome application.

    Kudos to the developer for creating that. I would download it. [​IMG]
  3. blainy

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    Nov 1, 2008
    this looks awesome..
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