1. Segasensei

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    Jan 26, 2020
    Hello, first of all my apologies, I found one thread discussing the issue, but it was quite old and I'm not sure digging up old threads would be appreciated.

    I installed Phoenix Wright and it's DLC via WADs files, the both the French version.

    I chose, being curious knowing that Wiiware is dead, "Buy Episode 5". And after connecting to server (?), it says basically that the DLC is downloaded. Going on, it says "play episode 5 0 Wii Points / 1 Block". However, the "Play Episode 5" option is not available right off the bat, as it should be, i believe, when selecting a file.

    The old topic I found said that it was related to the presence of a Wii Shop Channel account, the DLC only showed up if you had an active account on the Wii Shop, which I had at the time, but now that the Wii Shop is dead, does that mean there is no way for me to play the Episode 5 ?

    I mean, I'm not expecting a magic solution, but it's just so I know.
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