Pheonix Wright Vs Profossor Layton : the game

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    Jul 15, 2010
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    It's a sad day when 2 of the most well known DS visual novels in north america aren't seen to be popular enough for the us. Here I stand before you to tell you about a game which will revolutionize the views of visual novels in north america. We've already seen time and time again that the profossor layton games are smashing hit with over 10 million units sold and the pheonix wright games aren't doing too bad either with over 3 million units sold. But even with these numbers capcom doesnt belive that it'll be worthwhile to bring over a crossover of both games to north america. It's a sad truth depicted in this article:

    But even though this tradgedy befalls us we can still do something for our beloved logic fanatics. The link below is a capcom blog for the game and if we have enough comments they'll bring it to north america!! They made the blog for the sole reason of testing the waters so let's show them our proud waves of replys and comments! So please please please comment and request!
  2. Ritsuki


    Mar 15, 2008
    Man, they've already stopped to translate Phoenix Wright in french, so I'm playing in english, and now no more Layton Vs. Wright ??

    I is sad and disappointed.
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    Well, this is certainly a bit disheartening. I had thought it was safe to assume Capcom was planning a US release. Despite the rather meager total sales of the Phoenix Wright games, Professor Layton has seen a bit more success, and Western audiences would most definitely be itching for another adventure everyone's favorite puzzle-solving professor, if anything.

    Well, in light of this situation, I'm sure if we beg, whine, plead, and clench hard enough, Capcom may be swayed. After all, they've been quite interactive with its fanbase in the past.
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    This is OLD.
    There already was a thread about this back in October when it was announced.
    (I still don't know how that is news but whatever, specially since there war ANOTHER thread of the actual announcement and not some weird comments from a Capcom staffer)
    To be honest I think Capcom only does that to get some publicity.