People take PSTV for granted.

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    The PlayStation TV was poorly advertised as to being "Vita TV" which is misleading considering a lot of the Vita games don't work properly (Killzone), or just don't play at all (like Wipeout + Uncharted) but on the bright side it's perfect if you'd want one to game on PSP, PS1 or remote play your PS4.

    I do have to say that PSTVs which are beyond 3.20 OFW, for me, they're just worthless as one of the aspects' is lost with it (being able to play PS1 backups flawlessly). Thankfully there's still a lot of 3.20 PSTVs out in the wild, but it's a matter of luck, too.

    I suppose on the legal side of things I can see why they'd think the PSTV is downright garbage but come on, jumping to the grey area makes the PSTV far better than it was intended for. :P

    Btw, not a PSTV fanboy but I just hate to see people dissin' it unfairly.
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    as strictly a remote play console, it's great. the fact that you can play a ton of free PSN content as well is awesome. being able to play local multiplayer vita games, with 1 person on the vita, other on the PSTV is awesome as well
  3. Christian Rosado

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    They should had never released that, the ps vita 1000 had a port for output which was never put to use due to the ps tv idea, a feature that would had been great for sales.
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    The PSV-1000's mystery port is *not* capable of video output, not by itself, the port is there to patch the connections and possibly for factory testing. It was intended to be used for expansions, there's a built-in scaler, but plans for a TV Out were scrapped early on and the port does not serve that function.
  5. Christian Rosado

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    Mar 26, 2015
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    Good to know, still if the psp go could do it, they should had go that way with vita. Instead of that crappy ps tv which sold worst than vita itself.